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Legacy Systems Reverse Engineering

Modernizing Legacy Software for the Future

KEA eSolutions are your Legacy System Modernization specialists.

If you are relying on legacy software, such as COBOL, PL/1 or other older languages, it is likely that you no longer have the underlying support documentation. The original business logic and "how to" documents tend not to be kept up-to-date, even if they can still be found. After years of maintenance and patches, often in an ad-hoc manner, the application becomes more and more fragile, developers becoming reluctant to touch it.

And yet you are still dependent upon it.

We at KEA eSolutions can reverse engineer your current applications and define the underlying business requirements. Please click here for further information.

The senior team at KEA eSolutions each have over three decades in the software industry in roles from operator, developer, systems and business analysts, team lead , project manager, manager, director, and COBOL trainer. Industries we have worked in include: health care, financial, stock brokerage and safety critical software.


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