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    Writing technical and business documentation requires professional expertise. Writers must:

    • analyse the audience,
    • understand the subject matter,
    • interview a variety of people,
    • determine the appropriate medium,
    • design the content, and
    • produce it in a way that suits the audience.

    All this must be done quickly and accurately. Mistakes cost time and money.


    ECG invests heavily in training our writers and consultants to be efficient, accurate and fast before they visit your site.


    We at KEA eSolutions are experienced in analyzing your requirements and producing both paper-based and on-line documentation.


    KEA consultants are experienced in analyzing your documentation requirements to produce a strategy that ensures that your documentation is:

    • relevant,
    • accurate,
    • up to date,
    • easy to understand, and
    • produced in the most appropriate medium.


    While the trend today is to move all documentation on-line, paper-based documentation is still appropriate in a variety of situations.

    KEA eSolutions produces quality paper-based solutions, including

    • Software User Guides,
    • Style Guides,
    • ISO 9000 Manuals,
    • Equipment User Guides,
    • Policy Manuals,
    • Methods and Procedures Manuals,
    • Use Case Analysis Documents,
    • Quick Reference Guides,
    • Training Materials,
    • Process Documentation, and
    • Desk Instructions.
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