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Legacy Systems

Compelling events that drive a legacy re-engineering exercise are:

  • Very hard to find qualified legacy programmers
  • Difficulty and cost of maintaining and enhancing the existing application
  • Original supporting documentation and business logic not up-to-date, even if they can be found
  • Requirement to modernize existing hardware infrastructure

Modernizing Legacy Software for the Future:

If you are running legacy software, it is likely that you no longer have the underlying support documentation for these systems.  After years of maintenance and patches, often in an ad-hoc manner, the application becomes more and more fragile, developers become reluctant to touch it.

And yet, you are still dependent on it!

Before migrating legacy programs to more modern languages, you can either completely re-design the business logic, or engage a specialist to read the code, and determine the original underlying logic.

Prepare for the future:

Although your legacy software works well, you realize that you cannot keep going indefinitely. KEA eSolutions can:

  • Reverse engineer the current programs to identify the underlying business requirements
  • Review existing documentation and update accordingly or generate an entirely new document set based on our findings, which can then be used by your business analysts to update your present needs
  • Provide a formal Business Requirements Document

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